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Bessaraba, Mateiu. ruled 1633-1654 Biography

Rodolphe Bessaraba, referred to as the Negro or Romanian Radu Negru Vodă, could be a aristocrat United Nations agency would be the legendary founding father of the domain of Wallachia at the expense of the Hungarians.

According to the nineteenth-century Romanian historiographer Mihail Kogălniceanu, aristocrat Rudolf Black or Romanian Radu Negru Voda, leaves Făgăraş in 1241 and passes the range with a crowd of officers, troopers and folks of Greek faith (ie Orthodox ) with the exception of a number of Saxons from Transylvania.

In 1245 he extended his power over all Wallachia and he designed the cities of Piteşti, Curtea Diamond State Argeş, Târgovişte and Bucharest1. He established his capital at Curtea Diamond State Argeş. it's he United Nations agency would have adopted for the coat of arms of his domain the "Roman Eagle". He died once twenty four years of reign in 12652

Bessaraba, Mateiu. ruled picture
Bessaraba, Mateiu. ruled

The legend of Radu Negru Vodă seems for the primary time within the annals of the Cantacuzino family within the seventeenth century and it looks to be a confusion with the historical aristocrat Radu I good person of the churches of Câmpulung and Curtea Diamond State Argeş the primary 2 capitals of the domain of Wallachia within the fourteenth century.

French historiographer Alfred the Great Rambaud likens "Radu Negru" to the historical voivode Tihomir / Tugomir and lives it around 1290

According to the work of Mihail Kogălniceanu once the death of Rodolphe the Black his successor would are his brother Michel I Basarab United Nations agency reigns nineteen years till 1284. The throne then goes to Dan I the son of the founder United Nations agency is killed in 1298.

The throne of Walachia returns then to a mysterious Sir Leslie Stephen Ier aforesaid Mailatu "of the family of Basaraba" that reigns twenty seven years and that succeeds in 13244 "Jean I Basarab" five that one identifies with the historical founding father of the domain of Wallachia : particle Basarab I in Romanian Basarab I Istitutoororul.

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