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Bernstorff, Count Johann Heinrich von. 1862-1939 Biography

Born in 1862 in London, he was the son of 1 of the foremost powerful politicians within the Prussian Kingdom. As secretary of state for Preussen, his father, Count Albrecht von Bernstorff, had attained the ire of aristocrat Bismarck within the Prussian constitutional crisis of 1859–1866.

Overestimating his political strength, von Bernstorff resigned during a spat over the constitution with the expectation to force his can on the Prussian government. However, the Emperor accepted Bernstorff's miscalculated challenge and appointed Otto Bismarck chancellor and secretary of state.

For the remainder of his life, Count Albrecht von Bernstorff would criticise Bismarck's solon sort of governing. In 1862, the elder Bernstorff served as ambassador at the Court of St James's. For future eleven years young Bernstorff grew up in European nation till his father's death in 1873. once moving back to European nation Johann von Bernstorff visited the humanistic gymnasium in city from that he graduated with a baccalaureate in 1881.

While von Bernstorff's dream had continuously been to pursue a diplomatic career, the family feud with Bismarck created a briefing to the diplomatic corps not possible. As a result, he joined the Prussian Army for future eight years, serving in Associate in Nursing artillery in Berlin.

After being electoral a member of the Reichstag, he finally succeeded in convincing the Bismarcks to settle the dispute with the long dead father. In 1887, von Bernstorff married Jeanne Luckemeyer, a American. She was a native of recent House of York town and girl of a rich silk bourgeois.

Bernstorff, Count Johann Heinrich von Biography

Johann Heinrich von Bernstorff
German Ambassador to the United States
In office: 1908–1917

German Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire
In office: 1917–1918

In office: 1921–1928

Personal details
Born: 14 November 1862, London, United Kingdom
Died: 6 October 1939 (aged 76), Geneva, Switzerland
Political party: German Democratic Party (DDP)
Spouse(s): Jeanne (Johanna) Luckemeyer (1867–1943)
Children: Luise-Alexandra (1888–1971), Christian-G√ľnther (1891–1947)

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