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Bernstein, Eduard. 1850-1932 Biography

Eduard composer (6 Gregorian calendar month eighteen50 – 18 Gregorian calendar month 1932) was a German social-democratic political theoretician and politician. A member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). composer had control shut association to revolutionary and Engels, however he saw flaws in Marxist thinking and commenced to criticize views control by communism once he investigated and challenged the Marxist materialist theory of history.

He rejected vital components of Marxist theory that were based mostly upon Hegelian metaphysics; he rejected the Hegelian dialectical perspective.

Bernstein distinguished between early communism as being its immature type, as exemplified by The pronunciamento written by Marx and socialist in their youth, that he opposed for what he considered its violent Blanquist tendencies; and later communism as being its mature type that he supported.

This mature variety of communism refers to Marx in his later life acknowledging that socialism might be achieved through peaceful means that through legislative reform in democratic societies.

Bernstein, Eduard picture

Eduard Bernstein
Born: 6 January 1850
Schöneberg, Germany
Died: 18 December 1932 (aged 82), Berlin, Germany
Nationality: German
Occupation: Politician
Known for: Founder of evolutionary socialism (democratic socialism), social democracy and revisionism (reformism)

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