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Bethmann-Hollweg, Theobald von 1856-1921 Biography

Bethmann-Hollweg was born in Hohenfinow, geographic area, the son of Prussian official Felix von Bethmann-Hollweg. His grandparent was August von Bethmann-Hollweg, World Health Organization had been a outstanding law scholar, president of Elector University in Berlin, and Prussian Minister of Culture.

His great-grandfather was Johann Jakob Hollweg, World Health Organization had married a female offspring of the rich city am Main banking family of Bethmann, supported in 1748.

Cosima Wagner was a relative on the Bethmann facet, and his mother, Isabella Delaware Rougemont, was a French Swiss.

He was educated at the private school of Schulpforta and at the colleges of city, urban center and Berlin. getting into the Prussian body service in 1882, Bethmann-Hollweg rose to the position of the President of the Province of geographic area in 1899.

He married Martha von Pfuel, the kinswoman of painter von Pfuel, Prime Minister of Prussia. From 1905 to 1907, Bethmann-Hollweg served as Prussian Minister of the inside then as Imperial State Secretary for the inside from 1907 to 1909. On the resignation of Chancellor Bernhard von Bülow in 1909, Bethmann-Hollweg was appointed to succeed him.

Bethmann-Hollweg,-Theobald-von picture
Bethmann-Hollweg, Theobald von 1856-1921

Chancellor of the German Empire
In office: 14 July 1909 – 13 July 1917
Monarch: Wilhelm II
Preceded by: Bernhard von Bülow
Succeeded by: Georg Michaelis

Personal details
Born: Theobald Theodor Friedrich Alfred von Bethmann-Hollweg 29 November 1856, Hohenfinow, Kingdom of Prussia
Died: 1 January 1921 (aged 64)
Political party: Independent

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