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Henry Dunant Biography, The father of the Red Cross

Henry Dunant Biography, The father of the Red Cross - Complete named Henry Dunant Jean Henry Dunant was born in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 8, 1828. He was the first son of the couple Jeans-Jacques Dunant and Antoinette Dunant Colladon. His family were devout adherents of Calvinism and had significant influence among the people of Geneva.

His parents are very thick with world social development. This became the inspiration for her in social values. His father was active helping orphans and the inmates who go through nonconditional. Meanwhile, her mother actively performs social activities help the sick and the weak.

Dunant did indeed grow in the cultivation of the awareness of the meaning of social care and social sensitivity. At the age of 18 years, he has been affiliated with the charity society of Geneva. He was also involved in the founding of the Association Thursday, a youth group with no official membership bonds are doing regular meetings to study the Bible and helping the poor.

Of this organization, he did a lot of social activity. In 1852 he founded a branch of the Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Its activities continue to expand his initiative to make its organization into an international organization. It is based on a meeting in Paris who want to form a YMCA.

When he was 21 years old, Dunant had to leave College Calvin because its value is wrong. He then worked at money exchange company, Lullin et Sautter. In 1853, he visited Algeria, Tunisia, and Sicily to perform the duties of the company for colonies of Setif. In its work, Dunant wrote down notes of his journey in the book titled "Notice Sur La Regence de Tunis," published in 1858.

After the success for the sake of the success, he achieved in his work, Dunant initiative setting up a company. Finally, in 1856 he founded the company that operates in foreign colonies.

After get concession of land from Algeria, he also established the company's plantations and trade, Societe Financiere et Industrielle des Moulins Des Mons-Djemila. However, because of the difficulty of the liberation of the land and water as well as the attitude of the Government of Algeria which is not cooperative, finally encountered direct Dunant Napoleon III of France. For the sake of Captivate the hearts of Napoleon, he wrote the book praise for Napoleon who at that time was at Solferino.

Henry Dunant arrived on Solferino in 1859, when a fierce battle ensued the region wherein. Battle of many consuming the sacrifice he used to help the victims of the war. He marshaled the natives to provide relief for the victims of the war.

Conditions that do not allow such thus making Dunant gave up and resigned on the circumstances. IE give succor to victims by providing material medicines. He was also involved in the creation of the emergency hospital.

Dunant persuaded residents to help the victims of war without notice from any party. Slogans popularized are "Tutti Fratelli" which means we are all brothers.

Henry Dunant Biography, The father of the Red Cross
Henry Dunant

The slogan was created by women from the town of Castiglione Delle Stiviere. Also, Dunant also persuaded the Government of France to free the captive doctor Austria.

In July 1859, Dunant returned from Solferino. He then wrote down notes of his travels in the form of a book titled "Un Souvenir de Solferino," meaning that the memories of Solferino, a book which describes the condition of Solferino during the battle, ranging from war victims, the cost of the war, to the result thereof.

The book was self-published and doled out to the many political and military figures in Europe. He had the brilliant idea of the need for an Association of carrying out the Mission of helping the war victims regardless of race and nationality.

Next Dunant traveled the world to promote the idea. Thanks to the notion he was getting attention from various circles. One of the jurists, Gustave Moynier, popularized the idea and brought it to the meeting of the Society for public Welfare year 1863. And most of the participants are present in this session agreed to the concept of a brilliant Dunant, so the Committee formed to realize the idea of Henry Dunant.

The Committee held its first meeting on February 17, 1863, which is then considered as the year of the founding of the International Committee of the Red Cross. In October 1863, 14 countries were involved in meetings organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva.

The meeting discussed the issue of the improvement of care for wounded soldiers. On August 22, 1864, at the Geneva Convention to fruition in the form of the signing of the Geneva Convention by 12 countries.

Although the purpose of Dunant's glorious, it turns out that not everyone supports the struggle of his humanity. Its existence in Switzerland who have always tried to be removed by Moynier, finally made Dunant moved to Paris. He lived in Paris with deficient State.

However, he continues to seek to change his fate. He also continued to fight for humanity. During the war between France and Prussia, he founded the Association of humanitarian aid together. He also proposed an idea of negotiating disarmament and the need for an International Court established to mediate international conflicts. He also proposed the creation of the library world.

A burning passion for fighting for humanity making their financial conditions will forget Dunant. So he also incurred debt and shunned by his peers. However, his struggle for humanity to fruition. He was appointed Honorary Member of the Red Cross Society of Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain, although eventually many merits virtually forgotten by the people when the Red Cross was moving forward.

In the end, Dunant pun had to leave France and go to Stuttgart. There he met with a student, Rudolf Muller, of the close and friendly with him.

In the year 1881, together with some friends from Stuttgart, he for the first time go to Heiden, a village retreat in Switzerland.

In 1887, while living in London, in harsh economic conditions, Dunant get enlightenment by receiving the monthly financial aid from some distant relatives. He then moved to Heiden in July 1887 and lived in the village for the rest of his life.

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