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Nelson Mandela brief biography

Nelson Mandela brief biography - Nelson Mandela was born with the name Nelson Rolihlahia Mandela. He was born in Mvezo, South Africa, on July 18, 1918. Mandela was born to a wealthy family named Tembu, a Xhosa-speaking tribes. He was the youngest of four boys, of the thirteen brothers, four of his father's wife.

His father, Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa and named his mother, Nosekeni Fanny. His great-grandfather Ngubengcuka was a ruler of the Tembu tribe in the territory of the Transkei (now a province of the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

The Early life which discipline makes Mandela became an influential figure. Mandela gets a good education from his family. When he was seven years old, he entered the Methodist school. He was baptized as a Methodist and was given the name Nelson by his teacher.

When he was nine years old, his father died of lung disease. His uncle, who replaced as head of the tribe later became her patron. And Mandela became the first child who knows the world of education.

After his father's death, Mandela's mother brought her to the Palace of the Great Place in Mqhekezweni. He entrusts his mother to the Regent Jongintaba Dalindyebo, Tembu. From their Christian religious education gets Mandela well.

He became a figure of the Hindu religious texts. Every week he always follows the mass to church with the family Dalindyebo. In the Church, he gets lessons United Kingdom Language, Xhosa language, history, and geography.

A history lesson from Mandela takes quintessence of inspiration about the struggle of African societies and the tribal chief anti-imperialist Joyi rhetoric, though he still considers the European colonialism as a helper, not the oppressors. He underwent the ritual of adulthood in the form of circumcision at the age of 16 years with sister Dalindyebo. That's when he got the name Dalibunga.

Later, Mandela continued his education at Clarkbury Boarding Institute, Engcoba, a Western-style institution of secondary school. This educational institution became black Africa's largest school in Tembuland. Secondary school is what forms the character of Mandela become open to anyone.

After graduating from his education for two years at Clarkbury, Mandela moved to Healdtown, a Methodist College in Fort Beaufort. This educational institution is primarily populated by students of the Tembu Royal family members, including Justice, son of Dalindyebo.

Educated at Healdtown more taught about cultural superiority and the governance of the United Kingdom. However, Mandela is thus increasingly intrigued by the culture of African natives. He also established close friendships with people of non-Xhosa (a Sotho language speakers) and gained much influence from his favorite teacher one, i.e. a Xhosa that broke the taboo by marrying the Sotho.

Nelson Mandela brief biography
Nelson Mandela

Mandela earned a Bachelor of Art in University of For Hare, black elite educational institutions in Alice, Eastern Cape. At this University he obtained a political education, French, United Kingdom, anthropology, indigenous, Government and the law of the Netherlands.

Mandela lived in a boarding House and Wasley friendship with Oliver Tambo alongside K.D. Matanzima tribe members. He became a member of the Student Christian Association. He led the class of local community and Gospel supporting United Kingdom Kingdom in World War II.

He was also involved in the founding of the House Committee for the first year students against the domination of the sophomore. The end of his first year as a student of Mandela involved boycott Student Representative Council (SRC) of the quality of the food so that he was suspended from the University and must exit without an academic degree.

Upon her return to Mandela to the Great Palace in Mkhekezweni, King is very very angry at him. He said that Mandela did not return to Fort Hare, then he will set up his wife for Mandela and Justice, his cousin. Mandela and Justice finally ran away to Johannesburg and arrived there in 1941. There Mandela worked as a security officer of the mine.

Mandela then met with Walter Sisulu, an estate agent who introduced him to Lazar Sidelsky. Sisulu was an active member of the ANC also gives him a job as an articled clerk Mandela at the law firm of Witkin, Sidelesky, and Edelman, Jewish companies who have concern for the struggle of the ANC. Working at law firms make Mandla Radebe, Gaur became acquainted with members of the ANC and the Communist Party of the Xhosa tribe, as well as Nat Bregman.

The eye-opening friendship heart Mandela will a pluralism and openness. Where in Assembly of the ANC was a European, Africa, India and Communist Knurling blend into one? Mandela seemed to be inspired by the meaning of togetherness and a life without restrictions.

However, his involvement with people they do not then make it joined the Communist Party, since the principle of Communist atheism is considered contrary to the Christian belief that he can believe in. He holds that the struggle of the people of Africa more leads to issues of race, not the welfare class.

The work group that Mandela apparently made to academic interests. At that time, Mandela's correspondence course at the University of South Africa and worked on the academic duties in the evening.

For the sake of continuing his aspirations, Mandela went on to work with a small mercenary that he used to rent a room in a family named Xhoma in Alexandra Township. Life is full of poverty, crime, and pollution into the consequences of his life. He then rented a cheaper room at the headquarters of the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association, alongside miners from various tribes.

A life that is full of bitterness and poverty living Mandela. To that end, Jongintaba visits and forgive him. Mandela pun returned to Tembuland. But his return to Tembuland leaving only a suffering.

Mandela and his cousin Justice didn't get to attend the funeral of the Regent Jongintaba, while his uncle. Jongintaba died in the winter of 1942.

Mandela succeeded in finishing his education in 1943. Subsequently, he returned to Johannesburg and became a lawyer. Its activities became more organized when he joined the ANC.

That's a brief biography of Nelson Mandela, on the next article will be discussed how his fight.

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