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Daykundi Map Chart and Blank Image

General Information of Daykundi:
Coordinates: 33.75°N 66.25°E
Country: Afghanistan
Established: 2004
Capital: Nili
- Governor: Sayed Anwar Rahmati
- Total: 18,088 km2 (6,984 sq mi)
Population (2012)
- Total: 723,980
Time zone: UTC+4:30
ISO 3166 code: AF-DAY
Main languages: Dari (Hazaragi dialect)

image: Daykundi Map Chart

Daykundi province is divided into districts: Day_Kundi, Gizab, Kijran, Shahristan

Daykundi Blank Map
image: Daykundi Blank Map

Where is Daykundi?

image: Daykundi Map Location

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