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Blucher, Gebhard Leberecht von. Prince of Wahlstatt,1742-1819 Biography

Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Fürst von Wahlstatt (German pronunciation: [ˈɡɛphaɐ̯t ˈleːbəʁɛçt fɔn ˈblʏçɐ]; sixteen December 1742 – twelve Sept 1819), Stephanie Graf (count), later elevated to Fürst (sovereign prince) von Wahlstatt, was a Prussian Generalfeldmarschall (field marshal). He earned  his greatest recognition when leading his army against Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of the Nations at metropolis in 1813 and therefore the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Blücher was born in Rostock, the son of a retired army captain. His military career began in 1758 as a trooper within the Swedish Army. He was captured by the Prussians in 1760 throughout the spitz Campaign and thenceforth joined the Prussian Army, serving as a trooper officer for geographic area throughout the rest of the Seven Years' War. In 1773, Blücher was forced to resign by town the good for insubordination.

He worked as a farmer till the death of town in 1786, once Blücher was reinstated and promoted to commissioned military officer. For his success within the French Revolutionary Wars, Blücher became a serious general in 1794. He became a general officer in 1801 and commanded the cavalry corps throughout the war in 1806.

War skint out between geographic area and France once more in 1813 and Blücher came back to active service at the age of seventy one. He was appointed general officer over the Prussian field forces and clashed with Napoleon at the Battles of Lützen and Bautzen. Later he won a important triumph over the French at the Battle of Katzbach. Blücher commanded the Prussian Army of Silesia at the Battle of the Nations wherever Napoleon was resolutely defeated.

For his role, Blücher was created a marshall and received his title of patrician of Wahlstatt. when Napoleon’s come in 1815, Blücher took command of the Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine and coordinated his force thereupon of land and Allied forces underneath the Duke of Wellington. At the Battle of Ligny, he was severely contusioned and therefore the Prussians people. when sick, Blücher resumed command and joined Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo, with the intervention of Blücher's army taking part in a decisive role within the final allied triumph.

Blücher was created AN unearned subject of Berlin, urban center and Rostock. well-known for his fiery temperament, he was nicknamed Marschall Vorwärts ("Marshal Forward") by his troopers as a result of his aggressive approach in warfare.

Along with Paul von national leader, he was the highest-decorated Prussian-German soldier in history: Blücher and national leader ar the sole German military officers to possess been awarded the Star of the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross. A sculpture of him was earlier to look at at the sq., that conjointly carried his name, Blücherplatz at urban center.

Blucher, Gebhard Leberecht von picture
Blucher, Gebhard Leberecht von. Prince of Wahlstatt
Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher
Nickname(s): Marschall Vorwärts
Born: 16 December 1742
Rostock, Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Died: 12 September 1819 (aged 76), Krieblowitz, Silesia Province (now Krobielowice in Poland)

Service/branch: Prussian Army
Years of service: 1758–1815
Rank Battles/wars: Kingdom of Prussia Generalfeldmarschall, Seven Years' War, French Revolutionary Wars, Napoleonic Wars
Awards: Star of the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross, Pour le Mérite Iron Cross, Order of St. George, Military William Order

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