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Basile, Mathieu. (Jules Guesde) 1845-1922 Biography

Politician and French communicator, whose real name was Mathieu Jules Bazile, born in Paris (France) on Gregorian calendar month twelve, 1845 and died in Saint-Mandé (France) on July twenty eight, 1922. He served as Minister of State in 1914.

From a awfully young distanced himself as associate degree advocate of Socialist ideas and was a journalist for the opposition. when adopting the name of Guesde, Les Droits American state l'homme, of Jacobean trend he based in 1870. In July of that very same year he was unfree, suspect of coverage, from such publication, the govt by war advocacy. it absolutely was free when the battle of Sedan (1870).

During the Second Empire it belonged in a full of life thanks to Republican opposition. His defense of the commune earned  him the sentence to 5 years in jail. He fled to Swiss Confederation in Gregorian calendar month 1871 and later to Italy, wherever he was exiled till 1876.

Basile, Mathieu. (Jules Guesde) picture

A year later, in 1877, he based the weekly L' égalité Marxist. additionally, his political ideas were disseminated through the continual emergence of brochures, entitled collectivism and Revolution (1879). This ideology calo in sizable amount of Socialists, because of his defense of the category struggle, the conquest of public power and also the socialization of the means that of production.

In 1880 he consulted with philosopher (1818-1883) and Paul Lafargue (1842-1911) the program of the French trade union movement.

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