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A Kings Ransom

While on business in Cartagena, Columbia, American businessman Matthew Rey is kidnapped and a $3 million ransom is demanded for his safe return. His son Nick is a novice attorney who attempts to free him. Nick is thwarted in his efforts by a lawsuit originating from his own firm against his family. It seems that his father had taken out a $3 million kidnapping insurance policy, and it looks as if the whole kidnapping is a set up by Matthew Rey to commit fraud.

Worse yet, the FBI wont help because they believe Matthew is a drug smuggler and is somehow in cahoots with his Nicaraguan business partner. Since Nick cannot raise the money or negotiate his fathers release through the usual methods, he enlists the help of a beautiful hostage negotiator, Alex Cabrera, as well as his former fiancee Jenna, who still has feelings for him.

A KINGS RANSOM is a taunt, intelligent addition to the genre. Grippando has written a hot thriller, filled with plenty of action and plot twists. This is an author I would not hesitate to read again.

Ive only read a couple of James Grippandos books, but all of them have been totally awesome. "A Kings Ransom" may be the best one yet.

Nick Rey is a young attorney working at an enormous law firm in Miami. His law firm has connections all over the country and the world, so it appears hes fast on his way to moving up the ladder. That all changes when his father, Matthew, is kidnapped while in Colombia on business. Nick finds out that his father had a secret kidnapping insurance policy, but then the insurance comapny wont pay up. Somethings going on, but Nick has no idea what. He immediately goes to work trying to track down answers and get his father back to the states safely, but someone powerful may be holding him back.

This book was an incredible read. It kept my mind moving a hundred miles an hour. Its full of suspense and the mystery keeps getting bigger. It provides a glimpse into the world of Colombian revolutionaries and what happens when they act. Grippando did an excellent job researching this book.

He realy seemed to know all about what happens when an American is kidnapped in South America. The descriptions are vividly realistic, and I just couldnt put this book down. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

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This guy is a great author. Makes you think about stuff you would have never thought about. This one keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way. impeckable reasearch on columbia and even makes you want to visit (make sure to bring a couple body guards, and lots of guns)
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