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A History of our Diversity With Voices

Ronald Takaki focuses on his book about Asian-American history through Asian and non-Asian perspectives. It is often controversial because readers would think that this is reverse racism towards White-Americans but NO! One must remember Asian have been in the U.S. for 150 years and out of these 150 year, around 120 years the government has institutionalized racism towards the Asians so 4/5 of Asian-American history is about racism.

Even the past 30 years after the civil rights movements there is still resentment towards Asian-Americans. So if one was to write about Asian-American history, racism could not be obliterated unless you would like to omit 80+% of the history to appeal to the everyone.

The fact is racism is ugly but we must confront it and solve the problem. This is a message to all American and all earthlings no matter your background. The reason for this is that well a majority of the population may mistreat the minority of that particular population but a individual from the majority would become a minority when he/she travels elsewhere.

Anyone may be mistreated and it is still happening today everywhere. I believe though this book still has space for some minor improvement and Im certain Mr. Takaki and his staff, pioneers in this area, is working on it. Mr. Takakis books are actually suggested as reading material in many Universities which I find convincing enough as a book to pickup from the book store or from amazon and read on your spare time if you have a open-mind and want to know more about Asian-American history.

Takakis main focus is Asian-American history but his materials include history of many minority groups such as Irish, African-American, Jews, etc. I look forward to new material from Takaki.

This is an excellent book. Seeing the American experience through the eyes of different cultures was a very eye opening experience. This is an excellent cultural education. The prejudice experienced by new immigrants and those of us who will always "look" different--non-white, can be experienced by everyone to take the narrow out of our mindedness.

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Just awful-so boring. All of the stories seem to blend together. "White man is evil" is the common theme.
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