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A tribute to Mother Teresa

A tribute to Mother Teresa - Mother Teresa was a nun who served on the humanity of her entire life. He asserted himself as a figure who fought for humanity. Her life as a nun doesn't make it quiet when looking at the surrounding poverty struck.

His conscience was moving himself toward the incessant struggle of humanity. The resolve, the determination, the confidence to give hope and optimism to those who despair and suffering continues to burn in his heart.

The lofty ideals of Mother Teresa to humanity never subsided by the time. Kegigihannya who never expect a reward from anyone other than just serve, it gave the spark for the community of OASIS to fight for humanity. Together with community helped her struggle to help the poor and suffering.

A wide appreciation of Mother Teresa
For his that Mother Teresa was given an award by the Government of India, Padmasari, precisely in 1963. The award was given to him.

A tribute to Mother Teresa

In addition, thanks to the social psyche of humanity that it spread to the rest of the world, he received awards from many quarters. IE:
  1. In 1972, he earned the Pandit Nehru Prize from the Government of India.
  2. In 1973 he received the Templeton Prize from the Prince of Edinburg.
  3. In 1979 he received the John XXII International Prize for Peace from Pope Paul VI, as well as the Good Samaritan award in Boston.
  4. In 1979, he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The presence of Mother Teresa seems to be the cure of wounds for humanity. His struggles have inspired the world to fight poverty and fight for the sake of humanity. He has provided the inspiration that became the man does not have to be pulled over from the crowd just for praying, while life around is still a lot that has to be addressed.

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His Highness for humanity will live on in the hearts of every employee. He has demonstrated to human beings in order to have an awareness of life to share, help, and bore the burden of others without regard to reward from anyone.
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