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Australia about the country

Australia about the country - Things you need to know about the country Australia is:
  • Area: 7,682,300 SQ km
  • Capital City: Canberra
  • Form of Government: Dominion (United Kingdom Commonwealth member)
  • Independence day, 1 January
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister
  • Prime Minister: Kevin Rudd
  • National anthem: Waltzing Mathilda
  • Population: 23 million
  • Language: United Kingdom
  • The religion of the majority Catholic population:
  • Currency: Dollar (A $) Australia
  • International airports: Melbourne Airport
  • Airlines: Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service) & Trans Australia Airlines.
Australia map picture
Australia map

About australia country

The following things are important for you to know about Australia:
The Government of
Australia is the smallest continent in the world and is a new continent. A new continent called because the continent most recently found. Inventors-discoverer of among others William Jansz (1606) which landed in the Gulf of Carpentaria. J. Carstensz (1623) which landed at Arnhem on the coast of Southwest ... Abel Tasman (1642-1643) who discovered the island of Tasmania and New Zealand.

The third inventor of yesteryear was the Netherlands. Australia initially did not develop, because the air is humid. Then the inventors of yesteryear left off, because of the continent not found results that can be traded in Europe. Then, James Cook of the United Kingdom, the year 1769 came in Australia's Eastern land was lush and forested. The soil in that area is considered can be developed.

But in the beginning, the Government of United Kingdom is less interested in against Australia, so it just made the place of exile of those penalties from the United Kingdom. Having found a gold mine in 1850, it was only those United Kingdom flock to Australia's fate pitted. Its territory is divided into 6 States and two Territories territorial, namely:
  1. The Western Australia state capital, Perth.
  2. The South Australia state capital Adelaide.
  3. The State capital of Queensland, in Brisbane.
  4. The State of New South Wales, based in Sidney.
  5. The State capital of Victoria, Melbourne.
  6. The State capital of Tasmania, Hobart.
  7. Northern Australia, it includes the Territorial in Darwin.
  8. Territorial Canberra, based in Canberra.

In 1913, Canberra was established as the capital of Australia. The continent of Australia is a country shaped as States and as Commonwealth (Commonwealth) the United Kingdom. The Queen of the United Kingdom is represented by the Governor-General. However, the daily Government led by a Prime Minister. Australia is also known or nicknamed the land of Kangaroos.

Kangaroos typically Australian animals picture
Kangaroos typically Australian animals
State Geography
The continent of Australia is located south of the Earth's handy, that is South of the equator, between 10 degrees 44 degrees LS-LS and 113 degrees Ta-154 degrees BT. The Northern part of Australia has a tropical climate with average temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, while southern subtropical climate. Not many rivers in Australia and is often dried up. The river water is pretty much is the Murray River and the Murrumbidgee River. Rivers are just watering at the time of the rainy season called the creek.

The population of
The densely populated region is the East Coast. Most of the population lived in cities. Important cities are located in the beach area. The original inhabitants of Australia called Aborigines. However, the number is already not much, only about 30% only, because hard pressed by migrants. Their life wandering in small groups. Its civilization is still small and has yet to get to know a good farm system. They also live off hunting. Weapons used and famous is the boomerang. The gun is made of curved wood and will return if it doesn't hit on target.

From around the region Australia, just 2% can be cultivated for agriculture, while others form dense, dry areas overgrown or forested. 98% of the forest in Australia is a natural forest, consisting of trees of eucalyptus which produce SAP and wood are strong and durable. The results of the most important farming, among others:
  • Oats, found in Southwest Australia region and Southeast Australia. Wheat is an important export of Australia.
  • Sugar cane, there is in the northern part of Queensland. Australia also exports sugar.
  • Corn, there are in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.
  • Fruits: the fruits are grown in the South of apples, pears, grapes whereas in the North of tropical fruits, such as bananas and pineapples.

From cattle and sheep farm produced cheese butter, meat, and wool. Australia included exporter of meat and wool in the world. The results of the mine Australia is (particularly in Western Australia: Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie), iron, aluminum, coal, lead, copper, nickel, zinc, uranium and natural gas as well.

After World War 2, Australia built the high-tech industry. The results of the industry were textile machines, shoes, electronic tools, cars, and ships. Headquarters are located at Sidney and New Castle.

The value of Australia's exports (1986) was US $22.496 million imports US $23.847 million. National income (1984) was the US $136.800 million.

Sidney Australia capital picture
Sidney Australia capital
Relations with Indonesia
Between the two countries have long been intertwined relations of good cooperation. In the field of education, culture, military, or trade. In the area of teaching, exchange of students, many students who study in Australia-Indonesia over Australia, namely government financing through the Colombo Plan.

Australia is the only country that teaches the study of Indonesia from the elementary level up to the College since the 1960s. Even Australia National University has a Center for the Study of Indonesia, including culture (gamelan, wayang, language and so on). In certain times conducted military exercises (war) shared between the two countries.

In the field of trade, Indonesia exports crude oil, tea, coffee, beans to Australia. While Indonesia imports from Australia in the form of wheat, zinc, petroleum refining results, milk, head of the dairy (cream), cheese, sheet iron, and steel. The value of Indonesia's exports to Australia reached the US $239.2 million and imported the US $439.3 million in 1987.

That's what can we inform about Australia country; additional historical records may be of benefit to you.
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