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The Flag Of Argentina

The Flag Of Argentina - The flag of Argentina used three colors white, blue and yellow elderly. Flag of Argentina grey is the dominant color. Gray horizontal bracket white color that is in the Center. In the middle of a white horizontal there is a round Sun-like images that have the eyes nose and mouth is colored dark yellow.

The flag of the country that is famous for its football players this could be said to besimple, without a lot of strokes and elegant.

Overview of the State of Argentina
Argentina or Argentina Republic is a country in Latin America, it is located in the southern part of the South American continent. Geographically situated between the Andes mountains to the West and the Atlantic Ocean to the South.
Some of the main things you need to know is the following:
  • Capital city: Buenos Aires
  • Currency: Peso-Argentina
  • President: Mauricio Macri
  • Population: 41.45 million (2013) World Bank
  • Neighbouring Countries: Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay
  • Official languages: the language of Spain

The history of the occurrence of the country Argentina
Argentina is derived from the Latin argentum meaning silver. When the colonist Spain sailed to the Río de la Plata, their ship sank, but Juan Díaz de Solís as expedition leader could have survived and was rewarded with the silver by native people.

News legend Sierra del Plata (Silver Mountain) was heard up to Spain the year 1524. Any nation Spain named the river Solís, Río de la Plata (Silver River).

Argentina name was first used in the book the history of inventions. Population and conquest of the Río de la Plata (Historia del descubrimiento, población, y conquista del Río de la Plata) by Ruy Díaz de Guzmán's in 1612. and named the area as the region Tierra Argentina (land of silver). (Wikipedia)

For those of you who need a picture of the flag of Argentina, here we attach, may be useful for your interests.

image: Flag Of Argentina

Argentina flag
So we can tell them about the flag of Argentina, may be the records of world history.
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