Cyprus Blank Map Chart

General Information of Cyprus
What is the capital city of CYPRUS? NICOSIA What is the total area of CYPRUS? (km2) 9.251
What is the population in CYPRUS? (2014) 865.878 What is the iso country code for CYPRUS? (2lt) CY
What is the iso country code for CYPRUS? (3lt) CYP What continent is CYPRUS in? Asia
What currency is used in CYPRUS? EURO What is the currency code for CYPRUS? EUR
What is the tel code for CYPRUS? 357 What language use in CYPRUS?/td> GREEK
What is the language code for GREEK? EL What is the internet TLD code for CYPRUS? .cy
Blank Map Chart
image: Cyprus Blank Map Chart
Administrative Divisions Map
image: Cyprus Administrative Divisions Map
Printable Outline Blank Map
image: Cyprus Printable Outline Blank Map

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