Bairakdar, Mustafa Biography

Alemdar Mustafa authority (also known as Bayraktar Mustafa Pasha; died fifteen Nov 1808) was Associate in Nursing Ottoman military commander and a Grand functionary born in Khotyn in then Ottoman territory Ukraine in 1765.
He was of Albanian origin, from the village of Goskovë close to Korçë. each alemdar and bayraktar mean “the commonplace bearer” and were the names given to constant rank within the Janissary corps.
Alemdar Mustafa authority is commonly thought to be one in all the pioneering public figures, World Health Organization recognized the necessity of a contemporary army, as he was instrumental in fitting the French mission in 1796.
Bairakdar, Mustafa picture
Bairakdar, Mustafa
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
In office: 29 July 1808 – 15 November 1808
Monarch: Mustafa IV
Preceded by: Çelebi Mustafa Pasha (tr)
Succeeded by: Çavuşbaşı Memiş Pasha (tr)
Personal details
Died: 15 November 1808, Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Nationality: Ottoman

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