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Augustine, Saint Biography

Augustine of Hippo; thirteen Nov 354 – twenty eight August 430) was associate early Christian theologiser and thinker from Numidia whose writings influenced the event of Western Christianity and Western philosophy.

He was the bishop of Hippo in geographical region and is viewed mutually of the foremost necessary Church Fathers in Western Christianity for his writings within the theologizer Era. Among his most vital works square measure town of God, On Christian philosophical system and Confessions.

According to his up to date Doctor of the Church, theologist "established afresh the traditional Faith". In his youth he was drawn to Manichaeism, later to neo-Platonism. when his sacrament and conversion to Christianity in 386, theologist developed his own approach to philosophy and theology, accommodating a range of ways and views.

Believing that the grace of Christ was indispensable to human freedom, he helped formulate the philosophical system of sinning and created seminal contributions to the event of simply war theory. once the Western Roman Empire began to disintegrate, theologist imaginary the Church as a non secular town of God, distinct from the fabric earthbound town.

His thoughts deeply influenced the medieval worldview. The phase of the Church that adhered to the idea of the Trinity as outlined by the Council of city and therefore the Council of urban center closely known with Augustine's On the Trinity.

Augustine is recognized as a saint within the church, the japanese Christian Church, and therefore the Anglican Communion and as a leading Doctor of the Church. he's additionally the patron of the Augustinians.

His memorial is well known on twenty eight August, the day of his death. theologist is that the shielder of brewers, printers, theologians, the alleviation of sore eyes, and variety of cities and dioceses.

Many Protestants, particularly Calvinists and Lutherans, take into account him to be one among the system of rules fathers of the Reformation as a result of his teachings on salvation and divine grace.

Lutherans, and Luther especially, have command theologist in high status (after the Bible and St. Paul). theologiser himself was, from 1505 to 1521, a member of the Order of the Augustinian Eremites.

In the East, his teachings square measure a lot of controversial, and were notably attacked by John Romanides.[9] however alternative theologians and figures of the japanese Orthodox Church have shown vital appropriation of his writings, primarily Georges Florovsky.

The most polemic philosophical system related to him, the filioque, was rejected by the Orthodox Church. alternative controversial teachings embrace his views on sinning, the philosophical system of grace, and predestination.

Nevertheless, tho' thought-about to be mistaken on some points, he's still thought-about a saint, and has even had influence on some japanese Church Fathers, most notably Saint Gregory Palamas. within the Orthodox Church his holiday is well known on fifteen June.

Historian Diarmaid MacCulloch has written: "[Augustine's] impact on Western Christian thought will hardly be overstated; solely his beloved example Paul of skeletal structure, has been a lot of powerful, and Westerners have typically seen Paul through Augustine's eyes."

Augustine, Saint picture
Augustine, Saint

Doctor of the Church, bishop, philosopher, theologian
Born: 13 November 354, Thagaste, Numidia (now Souk Ahras, Algeria)
Died: 28 August 430 (age 75), Hippo Regius, Numidia (now modern-day Annaba, Algeria)
Venerated in: All Christian denominations which venerate saints
Major shrine: San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro, Pavia, Italy
Feast: 28 August (Western Christianity), 15 June (Eastern Christianity), 4 November (Assyrian)
Influences: Ambrose, Anthony the Great, Cicero, Cyprian, Monica, Paul of Tarsus, Plato, Plotinus
Influenced: Virtually all subsequent Western philosophy and theology, including Arendt, Aquinas, Bernard of Clairvaux, Bonaventure, Calvin, Descartes, Heidegger, Husserl, Jansen, Kierkegaard, Luther, Malebranche, Negri, Newman, Orosius, Ratzinger, Sartre, Schmitt, Tolkien, Wittgenstein
Major works: Confessions of St. Augustine City of God, On Christian Doctrine

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