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Arkwright, Sir Richard Biography

Sir Richard Arkwright (23 Gregorian calendar month 1732 – three August 1792) was associate degree English discoverer and a number one businessperson throughout the first technological revolution. though his patents were eventually upturned, he's attributable with inventing the spinning machine, that following the transition to water power was renamed the water frame.

He conjointly proprietary a rotary carding engine that reworked raw cotton into cotton lap.

Arkwright's accomplishment was to mix power, machinery, semi-skilled labour and therefore the new staple of cotton to form factory-made yarn.

His skills of organization created him, quite anyone else, the creator of the trendy manufactory system, particularly in his mill at Cromford, Derbyshire, currently preserved as a part of the Derwent vale Mills World Heritage website. Later in his life Arkwright was called the "father of the trendy industrial manufactory system."

Arkwright, Sir Richard picture
Arkwright, Sir Richard

Born: 23 December 1732, Preston, Lancashire, England
Died: 3 August 1792 (aged 59), Cromford, Derbyshire, England
Title: Sir Richard Arkwright
Spouse(s): Patience Holt, Margaret Biggins
Children: Richard Arkwright junior, Susanna Arkwright

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