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Anne of Austria. (Queen of France) Biography

Have no text to check? don’t have any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.Anne of Republic of Austria (22 Sep 1601 – twenty Jan 1666), a Spanish patrician of the House of royal house, was queen of France because the better half of King of France, and regent of France throughout the minority of her son, Louis XIV, from 1643 to 1651. throughout her regency, Cardinal Mazarin served as France’s chief minister.
Accounts of French court lifetime of her era emphasize her tough married relations along with her husband, her closeness to her son Louis the Great, and her disapproval of her son’s married unfaithfulness to her kinswoman Maria Teresa.
Born at the Palace of the Counts of Benavente in Valladolid, Spain, and baptized Ana María Mauricia, she was the eldest girl of King Prince Philip III of Kingdom of Spain and his adult female Margaret of European country. She command the titles of Infanta of Kingdom of Spain and of European country (since her father was king of European country moreover as Spain) and princess of European country.

In spite of her birth in Kingdom of Spain, she was noted as Anne of {austria|Austria|Republic of European country|Oesterreich|European country|European nation} as a result of the rulers of Kingdom of Spain belonged to a male-line plebe branch of the House of Austria,[1] celebrated later because the House of Habsburg—a designation that was comparatively uncommon before the nineteenth century.

Anne was raised in the main at the Royal fortress of Spanish capital. Exceptionally for a royal blue blood, Anne grew up near her oldsters, United Nations agency were terribly spiritual. She was raised to be spiritual too, and was usually taken to go to monasteries throughout her childhood. In 1611, she lost her mother, United Nations agency died in childbearing. Despite her grief, Anne did her best to require care of her younger siblings, United Nations agency noted her with heart as their mother.

Anne of Austria. (Queen of France) picture
Anne of Austria. (Queen of France)

Tenure: 24 November 1615 – 14 May 1643
Born: 22 September 1601, Benavente Palace, Valladolid, Spain
Died: 20 January 1666 (aged 64), Paris, France
Burial: Basilica of St Denis, Paris, France
Spouse: Louis XIII, King of France
Issue: Louis XIV, King of France, Philippe I, Duke of Orléans
Full name:

  • Spanish: Ana María Mauricia de Austria y Austria
  • French: Anne-Marie-Mauricie d’Autriche

House: Habsburg
Father: Philip III, King of Spain
Mother: Margaret of Austria
Religion: Roman Catholicism

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