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Allegri da Correggio, Antonio Biography

Antonio Allegri was born in Antonio Allegri da Correggio, Italy, atiny low city close to Reggio Emilia. His date of birth is unsure (around 1489). His father was a merchandiser.[citation needed] Otherwise very little is thought concerning Correggio's formative years or coaching. It is, however, usually assumed that he had his initial creative education from his father's brother, the painter Lorenzo Allegri.

In 1503–5 he was indentured to Francesco Bianchi Ferrara in Modena, wherever he most likely became conversant in the humanities of artists like Lorenzo Costa and Francesco Francia, proof of which might be found in his initial works.

After a visit to gown in 1506, he came to Antonio Allegri da Correggio, wherever he stayed till 1510. to the current amount is allotted the Adoration of the kid with St. Elizabeth and John, that shows clear influences from Costa and engraver.

In 1514 he most likely finished 3 tondos for the doorway of the church of Sant'Andrea in gown, then came to Antonio Allegri da Correggio, where, as Associate in Nursing freelance and progressively known creative person, he signed a contract for the Madonna screen within the native cloister of St. Francis (now within the urban center Gemäldegalerie).

One of his sons, Pomponio Allegri, became Associate in Nursing unnoticeable painter. each father and son sometimes said themselves victimization the Latinized sort of the last name, Laeti.

Allegri da Correggio Picture
Allegri da Correggio

Antonio Allegri da Correggio
Born: Antonio Allegri 1489, Correggio, Italy
Died: March 5, 1534, Correggio, Italy
Nationality: Italian
Known for: Fresco, Painting
Notable work: Jupiter and Io Assumption of the Virgin
Movement: High Renaissance Mannerism

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