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America-A Call to Greatness

Thomas Paine, with his book, Common Sense, stirred the hearts and minds of American colonists to the right the wrongs imposed by their British rulers. John Chalfant is the Thomas Paine of today with America A Call To Greatness. This book will stir the hearts and minds of all who read it. America does not need another armed Revolution.

What it does need is a Revival Revolution! If this book arouses controversy and debate, all the better. Then, perhaps the mainstream media will bring it to the attention of the great silent majority.

This book is a must read not only for every member of the clergy but every Christian in America. Its time for Christians to get off the pews and on the frontlines. Its time for Christians to answer the "Call to Greatness".

America-A Call to Greatness

America, A Call to Greatness by John Chalfant
The title of the book is its strongest and most to-the-point message which all concerned Americans need to hear at this critical point in history.

For those who already know why America needs to return to her former greatness, Mr Chalfant gives a concise and well-organized summary of the life-threatening problems confronting our nation and the biblically required solutions. For those who don't know, it will serve as an excellent eye opener and practical action guide.

His strongest point is that we are faced with what is foundationally a spiritual battle. Therefore, America can only become great again if "we the people" return to the true Founder of our nation, the Lord Jesus Christ. But, this revival of faith has to be of a nature that individually transformed lives by the power of Gods Spirit will begin to apply the truths of Gods Word to every area of life. Chalfant's book will give you practical ideas about what this means, why it is critically important and how to do it.

For anyone who has been active in the battle for the return to freedom, expressed in responsible ways, this book is not merely another harangue to make us feel guilty for not doing more. However, thoughtful readers will see areas where they could have and should be doing better. Neither is the book an attempt to get us to ease our consciences by getting involved in the political process and writing a few angry letters to our Congress representative s in Washington. Nor is it a narrow attack on one issue or a particular political position with a supposed magical solution that will right all wrongs.

America, A Call to Greatness is a challenge to each of us to rise to the greatness that God has designed for each of us. It is clear that we do not accomplish this by our efforts. We do it by first getting on our knees and seeking Gods marching orders from His all-encompassing instructional book, the Bible. Then we learn to trust His Spirit to lead and empower us just as He did those men and women who created this once great nation.

As one who has spent half a century in the study and application of the Bible to all areas of life, I believe Chalfant's book is the best current book which states the true nature of America's foundational problems and Gods required solutions for them at this point. It is a message every true American Christian needs to seriously consider.

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My plea is to not only read and digest this book but also that you buy multiple copies and give them to young men and women who are seeking Gods directions for their lives. Pray that God will ignite a vision in their hearts which will set them on a quest to do their part in the struggle to return America to the greatness our Founders trusted God to bring into being.
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