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The story of Suu Kyi the Nobel Peace Prize

The story of Suu Kyi the Nobel Peace Prize - Suu Kyi is the icon of democracy for Myanmar. He managed to scoop up political support from the people. The struggle laid the foundations of democracy in Myanmar have inspired many circles. His political struggle about the silencing of democracy provides two important things, one of which is a trip to Myanmar in 1990 as the time bomb that is triggered by the disappointment of the community will be the election results canceled unilaterally by the military junta.

Suu Kyi who continue uphill to make military junta increasingly fear. They stuck to a tight struggle Suu Kyi until Suu Kyi is arrested. The resignation of the leader, the dictator and the change of leadership turned out does not alter the system of Government of Myanmar.

When military ruler General Ne Wen, Shaw Maung, hingga Than Shwe, to the pattern of the dictatorship still in progress in Myanmar. Jendseral Shaw provides little fresh breeze of political growth to Myanmar at that time. However, the movement of the party remains under the control of the military junta. Party movement remain strictly supervised.

One of the most considered dangerous movement is the LND, led by Suu Kyi. Control is tight against the struggle of Suu Kyi make it have difficulty in fighting. Until he finally had to get out go to prison. Inevitably, life imprisonment makes out Suu Kyi is increasingly difficulty fighting for the people of Myanmar.

The story of Suu Kyi the Nobel Peace Prize
Suu Kyi

Struggle does not know the word tired that Suu Kyi gained many international awards, such as:
1. The HUMAN RIGHTS Rafto Prize.
2. HUMAN RIGHTS Sakharov Prize from the European Parliament.
3. The Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

When awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Suu Kyi is still undergoing status as prisoners. The military junta does not allow his family to see him. So he was not authorized to leave Burma to accept the award. Her two sons, Kim and Alexander who attended the granting of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The story of Suu Kyi the Nobel Peace Prize
After gaining the Nobel, in 1992 Suu Kyi announced that the prize money of US $1.3 million would be used to build health and education facilities for the people of Myanmar.

In 1993, the military Government issued a ban on extreme enough, where a group of Nobel Laureates was not allowed to enter Myanmar. Over the prohibition of a group of Nobel Laureates came to Myanmar refugees at the border of Thailand and called for the release of Suu Kyi. Their rallying cry and then echoed back at the UN HUMAN RIGHTS Commission in Geneva, Switzerland.

In a letter that he would convey, Suu Kyi explains its defenses intact, even almost gleefully of the regime that terrifies. Following the passage of the contents that Suu Kyi's letter:

"The power is not undermined, but rather fear. Fear of losing power is threatening those who defend it, and fear the specter of power threatened those who submit to him ".

In conditions of strict supervision, Suu Kyi never faltered by the threat of regime. He remained in his little house near the Lake. He vigorously protested the treatment on himself and his associates, to conduct a hunger strike action until the military junta promises accommodation.

Finally, in February 1994 he was allowed to meet representatives of the UN, the United States, members of Congress and reporters from the New York Times. He has also met with senior regime leaders, Khin Nyunt is a relatively moderate.

Thus, the status of Suu Kyi house arrest never made him give up. Suu Kyi continues to fight for democratic Government in Myanmar, the Government envisioned by the people of Myanmar.

Until on 10 July 1995, Suu Kyi was released after six years of detention. However, the Myanmar military junta Government always daunted by the courage and consistency of Suu Kyi again detained him in 2000-2002 for no apparent reason.

Suu Kyi again held behind bars in May 2003 for security reasons, after the open events that killed more than 100 people since its supporters were attacked by the military regime crony-crony and inmates who intentionally released to disrupt a meeting Suu Kyi with his followers.

He then moved from prison to house arrest back at the end of 2003. Witnesses convinced the clashes deliberately planned the military regime to attack Suu Kyi and his supporters. At least ten people died, several were injured and arrested, as well as most others fled in the open event.

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The Government of Myanmar has not only attacked Suu Kyi and her supporters but also closes the Office party LND as well as catching the leaders and their followers in Yangon and other cities. Suu Kyi is being punished could not do much. He had to hear the news that his followers were detained and assaulted. But behind it, he remained with the firm struggling and voicing his fight tirelessly.
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