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Ivan Petrovich Pavlov and Classic Conditioning Theory

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov and Classic Conditioning Theory - Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born in Ryan, Russia on September 14, 1849. He was educated at the Seminary of Theology. Her awareness of scientific knowledge against moved after he read the book, Charkles Darwin. The contents of the book Darwin it made him realize that he must serve on the scientific knowledge. He left Theological Seminary and graduated in the University of St. Petersburg.

In St. Petersburg, he studied chemistry and physiology. Pavlov is finishing his studies there in 1879 by obtaining his doctorate. A high degree of scientific knowledge does not then make it complacent. He continued his education and launched his own about the digestive system as a Professor of Physiology at the Medical Academy of Imperial Russia.

Research that makes the name Pavlov bounced his research is related to the digestion of food. In such studies, he studied the process of digestion in dogs, particularly the mutual relationship between saliva and stomach work.

The study showed that a dog would salivate in response to the appearance of the food. This process occurs because there is a link to the reflex in the autonomic nervous system.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov and Classic Conditioning Theory
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

A dog salivates a sign that the dog was hungry. Here, the drooling dog serves as a message to the digestive system. At the time of the research undertaken, Pavlov used a metronome that is emitted. When the metronome is emitted, the dog will lay out drool at sight and consume food. In fact, when the metronome is turned dogs still salivate even though no food is provided.

This discovery was developed to conduct a study of the behavior and conditioned. This theory is known as the theory of Classical Conditioning. This theory States that when the food (food is referred to as the unconditioned or unlearned stimulus-stimulus which is not conditioned or learned), then the sound of the Bell will produce the same response, i.e. the discharge of saliva from the dog experiment.

The discovery of the Pavlovian about response against this behavior was published in 1903 in work. Ibid., Pavlov conditioned reflex, calling it different from subtle reflex. And this learning system called conditioning.

It also lays out a conditioned reflex findings that will be depressed when the stimulus is too often wrong. If the metronome sound over and over again and there is no food, the dog will stop issuing the saliva.

This research developed in the realm of theory of behaviourism, where the human-driven by the environment that provides a stimulus for him, either from the environment or a particular person.

For his work on the influence of response against digestive, Pavlov was confirmed as the winner of the Nobel Prize in the field of physiotherapy and medical. Classic Air-conditioning Theory and became the basis for the development of flow psychology of behaviourism as well as research about the learning process and the development of theories of learning.

In the theory of Pavlov find first and neutral stimulus is paired with a conditional stimulus repeatedly so bring up the desired reaction.

His reading of Darwin had been aware of the importance of Pavlov's knowledge. Pavlov has to willingly goes against his parents who willed himself to become a chaplain. The journey his life has proved that research is the Foundation of knowledge.

Pavlov is the figure of the scientist who spent his life to serving on knowledge. Pavlov died on February 27, 1936, in Leningrad.

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