The relief of the country of Australia

The relief of the country of Australia – Based on reliefs, Australia is divided into three sections, namely:
1. Western and Central which is a Mountain Plateau.
In the area, there is the desert Gibson Desert and Victoria. Half of Australia’s land area is the desert.

2. The eastern part
The eastern part there is a mountain range which extends from Cape North to the Tork of Tasmania, also known as the Great Dividing Range (the Great Dividing Mountain Range. The mountains that comprise the Alps of South Australia. The highest mountain in Australia Mount Kosciusko i.e. 2,230 m.

3. Middle Area between the plateau of the West with the Eastern mountain range
In this area, there are lowland Murray-Darling and Lake Eyre. Swan River can be utilized for farming throughout the year.

The relief of the country of Australia

The Great Barrier Reef (great barrier reef) is located on the East coast of the beautiful Australia and became tourist attractions. The vast gulf that exists, i.e., a large Australia Bay in the South and the Gulf of Carpentaria in the North.

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That’s what can we inform Relief of country Australia, additional historical records may be of benefit to you.

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