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About The Country Of Singapore

About The Country Of Singapore
Location and Territory
Layout measures: between 1 degrees 15 ' N-1 degrees 35 ' N and between 103 degrees 40 ' BT-104 degrees LONGITUDE.
Geographical location
State of Singapore is the country that has the following boundaries:
  • North: borders with Malaysia, namely in the Straits of Johor
  • South: bordering Indonesia, namely in the Straits of Singapore and the Riau Islands
  • West: bordered by Indonesia in the Straits of Malacca
  • To the East: bordering the South China Sea
Singapore is an area of 618 square km.

Singapore has a tropical climate which is hot and wet with average annual air temperature of 25 degrees C-26 degrees c. the most Rain in January and lowest in August.

The landscapes
Singapore is a country shaped islands with the main island of Singapore is an island surrounded by other islands such as Ubin, Merliman, Seragon, Anyer Merbau, Seraya and Sentosa Island.

Most areas of Singapore is the coastal plain and the plain with the middle section there are hills such as the Mandai Hill, Bukit Lanjang, Bukit Timah and Bukit Kalang. In the middle of the hills there are three wadul rainwater catchment cisterns, that Pierce, reservoirs and reservoir, South Mantchie. The rivers that flow in Singapore Kallang River for example, Serangoon River and Kranji River.

About Singapore
Singapore is a country located in Southeast Asia and also as a member of ASEAN, with an area of approximately 618 square kilometres, centred in Singapore, the form of Government of the Republic, the independence day of August 9, the head of State President head of Government, the Prime Minister, the national anthem "Majulah Singapore", official languages: Malay, Chinese, Tamil and United Kingdom, religions: Islam, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, Singapore dollar (S $) "International Airport, Changi," airline "Singapore Airlines (SIA).

Singapore is an island nation, became a colony of the United Kingdom until 1959. In 1963 formed an Alliance that includes the country of Malaysia Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia), Singapore, Sabah and Serawak. But on August 9, 1965 Singapore separated from Malaysia and form a country that stands on its own. Join become a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (Common wealth) United Kingdom since 22 December 1965.

Singapore is situated between Indonesia and Malaysia. Astronomically it is located at 1 degree 15 North latitude and Longitude 104. It is a strategic linking ports on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and air traffic Europe-Asia on the North and Australia to the South. The equatorial climate is warm and humid, rainy season and the dry season there is not much difference.

The port of Singapore is increasingly important, especially after the opening of the Suez Canal, namely:
1. As a port to refuel and freshwater Singapore became a stopover between cruises and the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca towards the Pacific Ocean, to China and the Philippines through the South China Sea. By entering the South China Sea through the Pacific Ocean towards Japan or Japan or via the Sunda Strait, Banda Sea entered the Indian Ocean heading for Australia and New Zealand.

2. As the port transition. Some kinds of export goods from the surrounding countries who want to send to the market in Europe or America, was taken to Singapore, then moved to the purpose of the ships. The opposite also applies to goods coming from Europe, America and Japan, gathered in the port of Singapore. From the harbour, this is then distributed goods to surrounding countries in need. In other words, exports from the countries of Europe, America and Japan does not directly enter into the countries that need, but in send port through Singapore.

The population of the country is made up of a number of Nations are: China (76.8%), Malay (14.6%), India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (only 4%) and other Nations (2.2%). Because the number of residents that much compared to the vastness of the land, giving rise to the problem of employment and housing.

Singapore Government tried to address these issues with the program of industrialization, family planning and construction of residential flats. The program, proved to be quite successful KB rate of population increase include low, i.e. 1.7% per year.

A source of livelihood to residents of Singapore who is trade and industry. Because of limited land, limited agricultural efforts in the suburban areas and performed with fertilizing and watering systems (intensive). Agriculture in this country is emphasized in fruits and flowers, especially orchids.

Agricultural production, especially of food ingredients, imported
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