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Internet history in the United States

Internet history in the United States-During World War II and the cold war role of communication and information are important. Communication technologies controlled and used by two conflicting blocks to spy on enemy forces.

Mastering information and communication technology at the time was more focused only on the fields of defence and security of each State party. Various satellite probes are created by each party to spy on his opponent.

Miss United States from the Soviet Union in the space technology pushes the US Government running a Flash program to catch up. With the approval of Congress, the U.S. Government then established the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA).

The project was then split into two, namely, NASA and the ARPANET. NASA studying space studies, while the ARPANET under Department of Defense (DARPA = Defence Advance Research Project Agency) promotes computer science and information processing. Processing information the moment it is an entirely new field.

ARPANET later developed a prototype internet. In 1969, ARPANET felt the need to introduce new inventions. United States Department of Defense building network system via the P2P relationships in certain areas.

One of the famous is a computer network linking the U.S. Department of Defense with researchers at several universities in the US.

ARPANET initially only connecting three computers in Utah. A few years later the project is growing all over the State. In addition, all colleges in the United States eventually incorporated with the ARPANET.

Because the development is very fast then the ARPANET then split into two parts, namely the Milnet used specifically for the interests of the military and the ARPANET for nonmiliter purposes, particularly higher education.

Both networks were later merged under the name of Darpa Internet and finally simply known as the Internet. The Internet stands for Interconennected Network, is a computer network that consists of many independent computer networks that are connected with each other.

The Internet is a global network of millions of computers, including the local networks are connected through channels (satellite, cable, and phone) that its scope covers the whole world.

Since 1990, the internet began to be used commercially. Internet system crisscrossed with the help of telephone lines and the internet, so that modern likened as a high level (superhighway). In addition, the internet is also called cyberspace, because it has a communications network like a virtual world.

As the findings of science and technology, the internet has made the world of information found its way. The Internet has many advantages, especially in terms of cost-efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of the message, as well as penetrate the spaces at once time.

The presence of the internet has generated a variety of ease in a geographical address, so that a wide range of human activities is not hindered by distance, space, and time. Unlike previous discoveries, the internet is considered a great invention that changed the world of which is local to become global. From the internet information sources world wide which is very accessible.

The foregoing overview of the invention of the internet in the United States, may be a historical record of the technology world.

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