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History of ASEAN and its objectives is formed

History of ASEAN and its objectives is formed - Indonesia embraced foreign non active. In the implementation of the political, Indonesia actively conduct cooperation with other countries. In performing the work, either in the form of a container. There are a few examples of the form or container for the cooperation we need to know Indonesia is ASEAN.

ASEAN is the Association of cooperation the countries of Southeast Asia, which is backed by the establishment of the existence of various equations for Southeast Asian countries. The elements of the equation that includes the following:
  1. Equation of State of nature.
  2. The basic equation of culture
  3. The equation much.
In terms of geographic, Southeast Asian countries is between two continents, namely Asia and the continent of Australia, and is located between two oceans, namely, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. With such a layout of it then there is the impression that the countries of South-East Asian country is a regional area an easy mutual holding relationship.

Judging in terms of culture, Southeast Asia is equally one of the Malay-Polynesian group of Austronesian. This is an element of culture that exists in areas of Southeast Asia. So the language at that point could be the binding rope. In addition, the Nations of Southeast Asia's most experienced colonial rule. It is precisely this situation opens the same flavor, both colonized and alike want to be independent.

Some of the above equation that is what has encouraged the emergence of a sense of solidarity to Nations in Southeast Asia. And as evidence of a sense of community and a sense of solidarity that then formed the ASEAN.

The establishment of the ASEAN was originally also as an attempt to solve the problems which arose in Southeast Asia. As an example of the crisis of Malaysia or Sabah Malaysia confrontation, crisis, crisis of the Vietnam Communist posed a danger in Southeast Asia. Until the birth of the Asean as well as an effort to stem the influence of communism in Southeast Asia.

The ASEAN logo
ASEAN logo

The beginning of the founding of ASEAN

History of ASEAN - A shortening of the ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations. It can also be called the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN was founded based on the Bangkok Declaration on August 8, 1967. Bangkok Declaration was signed by Foreign Ministers of 5 countries in Southeast Asia, namely:
  1. Adam Malik: Minister Of Foreign Affairs Indonesia
  2. S. Rajaratnam: Minister Of Foreign Affairs Singapore
  3. Tun Abdul Razak: Minister Of Foreign Affairs Malaysia
  4. Narsico Ramos: Minister Of Foreign Affairs Philippines
  5. Thanant Koman: Minister Of Foreign Affairs Thailand/Muangthai.
The countries that signed the Bangkok Declaration was officially became a member of ASEAN. So, it's the original members of ASEAN have 5: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand (Muangthai). Then on January 7, 1984 this membership increased by one country again, i.e. Brunei Darussalam.

ASEAN is an agency of cooperation in the field of economic, social, cultural. It is not a military cooperation organization. The goal of ASEAN it is as follows:
  1. Accelerating economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the countries of Southeast Asia.
  2. Promoting regional stability and peace in Southeast Asia.
  3. Promoting cooperation and mutual help among ASEAN countries in the field of economic, social, cultural, science, engineering and administration.
  4. Provide assistance to each other in the form of training and research.
  5. Greater cooperation in the field of agriculture, industry, trade, transport and communications.
  6. Advance on the studies of Southeast Asian problems.
  7. Maintain and increase the useful cooperation with regional organizations and existing international.
Keep in mind, ASEAN is not an organization that cooperates in the field of the military. These organizations prefer peace. That's the discussion of the history of ASEAN and its objectives, please read also the emblem of ASEAN and its explanation, may add to the Treasury of ASEAN history.

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