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The flag of Australia

The flag of Australia using a base color with blue speckled with stars scattered. In details, in the top right there is a picture of the four elements with a red cross outside the white lines. Under the element, there is a picture of the star size from six stars scattered.

A little history about Australia
Historically, the first human habitation in Australia is estimated at up to 42000 48000 a year ago. The time of European settlement of the late 18th century, the overwhelming majority of indigenous Australia is still living the habits of his life by way of hunting. As Torres Strait Islanders originally like gardening and hunting.

The first man who menemukaan the continent Australia and landed there was a man named Netherlands Willem Janszoon. While a United Kingdom actor named William Dampier, landed in Australia in 1688, and in 1699.

United Kingdom an Explorer James Cook in 1770, sailed and managed to make a map along the East coast of Australia, which was named New South Wales samoai now, and are recognized as belonging to the British.

In Western Australia in 1988 founded Fremantle which was the anniversary of the Australia-200. The colony of New South Wales was formed on 26 January 1788, the year led by Captain Arthur Phillip on 26 January, and became a major national Australia day.

Things you need to know about Australia
  • Capital city: Canberra
  • National language: United Kingdom
  • Government: constitutional monarchy
  • Area: 7,692,024 km2
  • Currencies: Dollar Australia
  • Phone code: + 61
Where is the location of Australia? From the google map can be seen that the continent is located in the southeast of State of Indonesia, such as the image map below:

Australia map
Australia map
For those of you who need the flag images Australia we attach as follows.

The flag of Australia
Australia flag
So we can tell them about the flag of Australia, may be useful.
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