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The flag of Armenia

The flag of Armenia using three colors, blue and Red is light brown. The color of the third split three rectangular flag areas of equal size. The flag of this country is very simple, and easy to remember. Armenia is also called the Republic of Armenia is a European country with a land area of Asia-flanked by other countries. Armenia State bordering Georgia to the North, Azerbaijan to the East, Iran and the Nakhchivan exclave on the South, and Turkey in the West.

The Republic of Armenia included a member of the Council of Europe and the United States Independence and during dozens of path and crossing into Eastern and Western regions.

A brief history of the country of Armenia
Armenia since prehistoric times has been inhabited by humans and is the site of the garden of Eden that is contained in the Bible. The country is culturally rich Empire until the end of the first century. When led by Tigranes territory stretching from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

But Armenia's territory strategically to make the country inviting the colonizers. These countries include Greece, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Mongol, Ottoman Turkey, and Mongolia.

Armenia was the first country in the world recognizes that the Christian religion can be used as a country's official religion in 301 ad.

The year 1813 and 1828, Armenia became a territory of Imperial Russia. With the onset of the Bolshevik revolution in Petrograd, then Armenia turned into an independent Republic in a while. But in 1922 and 1936, Armenia became part of the Soviet Union back then, whose territory was merged with the territory of Georgia and Azerbaijan into Transcaucasian Soviet Socialist Republic.

In 1936 to 1991 Armenia stands became the autonomous community itself as Armenia SSR, but still be a part of the Soviet Union.

At the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 to 1922, most of the population inhabiting Anatolia Armenia were slaughtered by the people of Armenia or Armenia Genocide, reportedly indeed planned by several countries.

The population of Armenia who were killed at that time approximately 650,000 to 1,500,000 people. This tragedy is commemorated to this day is celebrated every April 24.

Armenia is divided into 11 provinces, namely as follows:
  1. Aragatsotn
  2. Ararat
  3. Armavir
  4. Geghark'unik'
  5. Kotayk'
  6. Lorri
  7. Shirak
  8. Syunik'
  9. Tavush
  10. Vayots' Dzor
  11. Yerevan
Other things you need to know about the State of Armenia
  • Official languages: Armenia
  • Government: semi-presidential Republic
  • President Serzh Sargsyan:
  • Prime Minister: Hovik Abrahamyan
  • Area, total: 29743 km2, waters (4.71%)
  • Currency: Dram
  • Phone code: + 374
For those of you who are looking for a picture of the flag of Armenia following we attach, may be used for the benefit of you.

The flag of Armenia
Armenia flag
Map of the location of the State of Armenia

Map of the location of the State of Armenia
Map of the location of the State of Armenia
So we can tell them about the flag of Armenia, may be the records of world history.
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