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History as past events

History as past events – History is an event that has happened in the past. However, not all events that happened in the past can be said to be history. The events that have happened in the past can be said of the new historical events if you have terms as follows:
1. Objective
That is, that the events are supported by historical facts which may indicate that an event actually happened. So, instead of custom events or imagination. It can be demonstrated, for example, in the form of photos, recordings, testimony of the perpetrators of the history, folklore, and others.
2. Unique Because that event occurs only once, could not be repeated, and no longer the exact same events with events that occur at a particular time it.
Because of the unique, historians are interested in researching the events. For example: current events MPR/DPR Building occupied by students in the events of May 1998. Through tv footage presented recurrent memories about the event, a lot of people are refreshed about the event. Possible action can occur in the same occupation by students in the next, but the action cannot be exactly the same as student action in 1998.
3. Important
That is, the events that have significance to the development of science as well as on life and society. The facts of history that’s not just a row of figures, artifacts, or event, but more than that it contains many specific lessons for human life of the present and the future. Events that are not important and not worth unfit to research. So the discussion history as past events, may be useful for lovers of the history of the world.

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