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Charles Darwin theory of evolution triggers a controversy

Charles darwin theory of evolution triggers a controversy - Book On The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin apparently sparked controversy in the community, especially because scientific views about the origins of living beings including humans differ with the views of most adherents of the Abrahamic religions.

In his great work entitled On The Origin of Species, published in 1859, Charles Darwin, specifically focusing on the evolution of living things, including humans.

According to him, a variety of organisms that exist on Earth, is not a creation happens instantaneously, but rather formed through a long process for thousands of years, even millions of years of natural selection through the system, called the process of evolution.

Perfect shape right now is the man from the remains of ancient life that evolved from a type of hominid, the apes. It was born of the chimpanzee, Gorilla, orangutan, and humans. With other words, human beings born from ape.

The development of living things gradually this one proved by the findings of various ancient human fossils and ancient animals and plants in various places on the Earth.

There is also other evidence, such as the existence of variations of a single species, meaning that it entered into the same species but are not identical or similar, the organs of the human body that is not useful but the results are still to be found in the human body, such as the Appendix, the tail bone, hair on your chest, canines and so on.

Profile Of Charles Robert Darwin
His full name was Charles Darwin Charles Robert Darwin was a naturalist and geologist of the nation of United Kingdom, famous for his contributions to the theory of evolution.
  • Born: February 12, 1809, The Mount, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
  • Died: 19 April 1882, Downe, United Kingdom
  • Who is affected: Sigmund Freud, Richard Dawkins, other
  • Influence: Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck, Alfred Russel Wallace, other
  • Children: Anne Darwin, George Darwin, Henrietta Litchfield, other
How about addressing this discovery?
The findings of the theory of Darwinian evolution has long been a controversy, especially because of the contrast with the views of the religious Scriptures of the creation. Then our position?

The findings are the result of scientific work processes, and therefore better addressed scientifically as well. Religion and science need not be mixed. Because the approach to religion and science approach in an effort to understand the nature of reality is different.

Religion is in a factual level related to prove empirically. In other words, religion and science have the autonomy of each. That doesn't mean religious beliefs are irrational.

The bright side is that scientific findings are included in the science of history is still being tested. There are no absolute truths in science history. A finding continued to be tested the truth all the time through the findings of the next, and there is never a finished Word for it.

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