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Bangladesh flag

Bangladesh flag using two colors, green and red. The color green is basic color of the flag, while the reds were in the midst of a round-shaped flag. The flag of Bangladesh was created on 17 January 1972. Previous flags similar to those used when the liberation war of Bangladesh but there are slight differences, i.e. There is image map of Bangladesh over the image of the Sun is glowing red. In its development, the image map is removed to make it more simple and straightforward.

If the note, the flag of Bangladesh is similar to the flag of Japan, but different background who are white. The round shape symbolizes the Red Sun rises in the Green and fertile Bengal. The color red also described the blood nation Bangladesh in the strive for freedom.

About Bangladesh
Facts about bangladesh, Bangladesh is a country shaped Republic located in South Asia. The country is bordered by some of the neighboring countries, namely: to the West, North, and East of India, to the southeast of the country with Myanmar, and on the South by the Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh could be said to be East Pakistan is separated from the western part by a distance of approximately 1,600 kilometres. The population of Bangladesh is the eighth, ninth place of the world, and is the country that has the world's most populous penuduk with high poverty levels.

But, nevertheless, Bangladesh's per capita income doubled since 1975, thus lowering poverty levels as much as 20% since 1990. These countries included as one part of the "Next Eleven".

Geographically, it is located in the Ganges Delta of Bangladesh-Brahmaputra in the fertile and prosperous, and frequent monsoon floods and cyclones.

Things you need to know about Bangladesh
  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Official language: Bengali
  • Government: parliamentary Republic
  • President: Abdul Hamid
  • Prime Minister: Sheikh Hasina Wajed
  • Independence: from Pakistan
  • Partition of India: 14 August 1947
  • The Declaration of independence: March 26th, 1971
  • Liberation of Bangladesh: 16 December 1971
  • Area: 147,570 km2
  • Currency: Taka
  • Phone code: + 880
Map of Bangladesh
So you better clear where the location of the country,

Bangladesh map piture
Bangladesh map
Flag of Bangladesh
For those of you who are looking for a picture of the flag of Bangladesh, below we attach, hopefully you can use according to their interests.

Bangladesh flag images
Bangladesh flag
So we can tell them about the flag of Bangladesh, may be useful as a historical record of the world.
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