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Pre historic summary

Pre historic - Below is a summary of the article prehistoric period. This summary is intended to facilitate the search for answers to articles related to prehistoric times. Detailed learning about prehistoric times can be read in the article Periodization of Pre historic.

1. Pre-historic time began when men first appeared on earth in the beginning of Quaternary period or Diluvium (Pleistocene) approximately 3 million years BC.

2. Division of pre-historic time archeologically :
a. Stone Age
  • Paleolicthic
  • Mesolothic
  • Neolothic
b. Metal Age
c. Bronze + Iron Age

3. Geological division of Pre-historic Time
  • Archaean/oldest age\
  • Palecozoic/primary age or early life age
  • Mesozoic/secondary age or middle life age
  • Neozoic/new life age : Tertiary/third age and Quaternary/fourth age (Divided into : Diluvium and Alluvium)

4. People's life in pre-historic time is divided into three periods, namely :
  • Hunting and food collecting period
  • Cropping period, and
  • Craftsmanship period

5. Kinds of ancient men in Indonesia
  • Meganthropus
  • Pithecanthropus/Homo erectus
  • Homo Sapiens

6. Kinds pre-historic ethnic groups in Indonesia
  • Papua Melanosoid (distribution : Riau, East Indonesia Islands, Papua).
  • Proto Malay/Old Malay (distribution : Kalimantan/Dayak people, Sulawesi/Toraja people, Nias/Nias people, Lombok/Sasak people, Sumatera/Kubu people).
  • Deutro Malay/Young Malay (distribution : Sumatera, Java, Bali, Madura, and Sulawesi).

  • Alluvium is : period happening approximately 40.000 - 25.000 years ago (Holocene period).
  • Amphibian is : organism that can live in water and on land.
  • Archaean is : oldest period in earth periodization, assumed to last approximately 2.500 million years.
  • Deutro Malay is : Young Malay, Malayan Mongoloid race, similar to Old Malay, so the two have the same characteristics. These people developed into ethnic groups of Aceh, Minangkabau (West SDumatera), Java, Bali, Bugis and Makasar in Sulawesi, etc.
  • Diluvium is : ice age happening approximately 600.000 years ago.
  • Glacial Period is : period in which sea water lowered because the seas at north and south poles froze and ice covered 2/3 of earth's surface, while shallow seas like the Java Sea and Arafuru Sea dried out.
  • Homo sapiens is : intelligent being.
  • Ice Age is : period happening around 600.000 years ago when ice covered approximately 2/3 of the earth surface.
  • Intergracial period is : period in which ice melted and sea water surface went up again.
  • Meganthropus Paleojavanicus is : large creature from Java.
  • Mesozoic is : middle life age, lasted about 140 million years (Secondary age).
  • Neozoic is : new life age happening approximately 65 - 65 million years ago.
  • Paleozoic is : early life age, lasted approximately 340 million years. It is also called the primary age.
  • Sahul Shelf is : land uniting the eastern region of Indonesia (Papua) with Australia.
  • Sunda Shelf is : land uniting the western part of Indonesia with Asia.
  • Pithecanthropus Erectus is : ape man that can walk unpright, product of reconstruction by Eugene Dubuois.
  • Primary Age is : period when life started for the first time.
  • Proto Malay is : old Malay, Malayan Mongoloid race with characteristics such as : brown skin, straight hair, slim-tall build, medium mouth and nose. Included in the descendants of this people are Toraja people (South Sulawesi), Sasak people (Lombok), Dayak people (Central Kalimantan), Nias people (West coast of Sumatera), Batak people (North Sumatera), and Kubu people (South Sumatera).
  • Quaternary Age is : the fourth age, happened approximately 1.000.000 - 600.000 years ago. It was assumed to be the beginning of human life.
  • Reptile Period is : period in which giant reptiles lived aon earth.
  • Tertiary Age is : third age in which mammals developed fast.
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