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Islam period in Indonesia summary

Islam period in Indonesia - Islam was revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW amid the period of darkness experienced by Arabic people. The Prophet passed on Allah's teachings to people in Mecca, Madinah and the surrounding areas. The propagation of Islam was continued by the close friends of Muhammad, the 'walis' ulamas, and important Muslim figures from place to place as for as Europe, Africa, India, China, and Indonesia.

Islam period in Indonesia - The arrival and development of Islam and its culture in Indonesia was the work of Muslim merchants, Islam teachers, Islamic philosophers from both foreign countries and Indonesia itself. Islam was spread to Indonesian people in peaceful ways, for example by means of trade, Islamic philosophical analyses, educatiopn, and Islamic schools.

Islam period in Indonesia - Due to the role of ulamas in spreading Islam, Java, which had been the place where HIndu-Buddhist kingdoms were founded, turned into a center of Islam propagation in Nusantara.

The great ulamas of Java who played important roles in the spread of Islam were called "Walisanga" or the nine 'walis' or ulamas though actually the number of ulamas who propagated Islam in Jawa was more than nine.

The coming and development of Islam in Indonesia occurred peacefully, Muslim tradesmen from West Asia, South Asia, even China visited different places in Nusantara to sell and buy commodities.

The peaceful arrival of the merchants was welcomed warmly by Indonesian people who were still under the influence of Hinduism-Buddhism at the time.

Through trade relations, Indonesian people gradually professed Islam either voluntarily or because they saw that their  kings or leaders had also converted to Islam. The authorities participation in spreading Islam was a political way of spreading Islam to common people.

The fast spread of Islam in Indonesia was because Islam did not recognize the caste system, Silam teachings were simple and easy to understand, the religious ceremonies were simple,  and the requirement to convert to Islam was also very simple, just by pronouncing the shahadah.

The spread of Islam in Nusantara happened gradually and continuously in various ways.

  • Al-amin is : the nickname given by the people of mecca to Muhammad because of his admirable conducts and trustability.
  • Badawi is : a trible living nomadically in the deserts of the Middle East.
  • Baghdad is : a city in today's Iraq that is located between River Tigris and River Eufrat, which had been one of the centers of world civilization since the past.
  • Bani is : Arabic clan or dynasty.
  • Cordoba is : center of Islam propagation under the authority of Bani Umayyah in Spain.
  • Gujarat is : a town in West India which used to be a center of Islam spreading. to Indonesia.
  • Istambul is : a city in Turkey which used to be called Constantinople, it was originally a center of Christianity but was then taken over by Muslims.
  • Peninsula is : a large piece of land that projects into the sea.
  • Jihad is : serious efforts to defend Islam by contributing one's physical energy, ideas, and material things, even life.
  • Madinah is : or Madinatun-Nabi, means the Prophet's town, the original name was Yatsrib.
  • Islamic school is : a place where Muslims get education.
  • Propagator is : teacher of Islam who also spreads the religion.
  • Nomadic is : living impermanently, moving from one place to another.
  • Oasis is : spring in the desert.
  • Sunan is : derives from 'susuhunan', or something above, it means one who should be rexpected.
  • Tasauf is : teaching and belief that stresses on living a modest life, keeping aways from worldly comfort and performing divine services to obtain God's mercy.
  • Ulama is : one who is knowledgeable in Islam and normally is a propagator of Islam too.
  • Walisanga is : nine 'walis' or ulamas, the nickname given by Javanese people to the nine great ulamas who propagated Islam.
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