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When will the Europeans come to Indonesia?

History-The development of science and knowledge, especially in navigation, during Renaisance period had resulted in competition among European nations to look for new territories, either for economic and power purpose or religious reasons.

In their efforts to look for new territories, they arrived in Indonesia which was a producer of spices. So they tried to take control of the spice producing country. Indonesia, which was located on a strategic navigation and trade lines, was a fertile region with produce of spices that were quite profitable in that time.

Do you know which European peoples arrived in Indonesia? How Indonesian people react to the arrival of European peoples?

The European peoples who arrived in Indonesia were the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and English. They came here to trade. However, they later on tried to seize the areas that produced spices and also monopolize trade. Certainly the people of Nusantara resisted the European's attempts to take control of them.

When will the Europeans come to Indonesia?

The beginning of Europeans arrival in Indonesia

European people first arrived in Southeast Asia in early 16th century. Their coming has given important effects on the history of Southeast Asia, such as the formation of new countries in this region as we can see today.

The initial intention of European people to come to Indonesia was to look for spices. There were so many parties that wanted to take control of spices and the areas producing them that they were often engaged in fights and even battles among them which certainly harmed those people themselves.

In Indonesia, Dutch people had to compete with other Dutchmen and other European peoples. Therefore, to strengthen their position in competing with other peoples, the Dutch founded a trade, organization called Vereenigde Oost Indische Campagnic (VOC) in 1602. The Dutch government gave privileges to VOC in order to obtain a lot of benefits and tax for the Dutch government.

Menawhile, Engkand founded East Indies Company (EIC) in 1600. They also traded the same goods as VOC and looked for the areas which produced spices, such as Ternate, Tidore, Banda, and Ambon.

In addition, the European trade organizations also opened their offices in other areas like Jayakarta, Jepara, Makasar, and Aceh. However, due to continuous competition, the English trade organization (EIC) then turned away to other regions in Asia.

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