The development of Islamic in Pajang Kingdom

The founder of Pajang Kingdom was Adiwijaya (1568-1582). He accupied the throne of Pajang by moving the capital town and all symbols of glory of Demak to Pajang, while Demak uself was changed to a regency which was led by a regent. He appointed Arya Pangiri, the son of Pangeran Prawata, the regent of Demak.

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Throughout his period of rule, Adiwijaya was assisted by Kyai Ageng Pamanahan. In return of his merits, Adiwijaya awarded him a strip of land called Mataram. Adiwijaya died in 1582. He should have been succeeded by Pangeran Benawa, but Benawa was put aside by Arya Pangiri and was only appointed regent of Ji[ang, whereas Arya Pangiri was crowned as the second sultan of Pajang. As the ruler of Pajang (1582-1586), Arya Pangiri had taken a lot of actions which made the people restless.

Arya Pangiri gave 1/3 of the people’s ricefields to his followers from Demak. The people who felt they had been upset by the action reported to Sutawijaya, yet the report was not given a serious response.

But when there was a rumour that Pajang planned to bring down Pangeran Benawa and Sutawijaya, the two decided to resist Arya Pangiri. To Pangeran Benawa, it was a golden apportunity to take back the throne of Pajang.

Pajang was attacked from two directions. Arya Pangiri did not have enough soldiers to face the attack because his men only consisted of Demak people.

As a result, Arya Pangiri was easily beaten in 1586. Then Pangeran Benawa handed the top authority to Sutawijaya. He did it because he felt that he was not capable enough to govern Pajang Sultanate which was so large.

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