Expansion of Colonialism and imperialsm in Ternate and Tidore

History-The Kingdoms of Ternate and Tidore were located in Maluku. Maluku was well-known as a producer of spices which were needed by different nations all over the world, so fights for the control over this area often happened.

While the kingdoms in Maluku were divided into ttwo allies, Uli Lima under the leadership of Ternate and Ui Siwa which was led by Tidore. Portuguese people and Dutch people competed with each other to capture Maluku and take control of the spices trading.

Maluku was the first area in Indonesia which was controlled by Europeans, both the Portuguese and Dutch. Some of the local people resisted the foreign control and some others were finally willing to cooperate with the Europeans.

In 1534, Catholicism started to develop in Maluku, especially in Ternate, Ambon, and Halmahera, but Islam had spread there earlier so this resulted in some conflicts especially due to the Portuguese’s intervention in social affairs.

After the arrival of VOC, all Catholics were forced to convert to Protestantism. Of course, the people resisted but their resistance was succesfully suppressed by the Dutch. Nevertheless, many people were so disappointed that they sporadically fought VOC.

Ternate mosque Islamic heritage
Ternate mosque Islamic heritage

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